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Computer and laptop repair

Laptop repair helps troubleshoot all computer hardware and software problems. The computer will run faster, stop freezing and turning off. We provide a wide range of services such as: reinstalling operating system, software and applications, finding and installing suitable drivers, setting up the correct software update, etc.

Software installation

You can entrust us installation of any kind and complexity of software. To minimise the risks of incorrect work of your device, it is smarter and easier to transfer that responsibilities to a professional who can handle it better. Don’t waste your time on it, we will take care of your software.

Cleaning laptops from dust

It is necessary to clean your laptop at least once a year. First of all, it is clogged with dust that accumulates inside through the constant work of the cooler. This process is similar to a vacuum cleaner so the dust from there can be cleaned only by completely disassembling your device. If you have pets at home their fur can clog up the cooling system of the laptop, and interferes with the normal heat sink.